Redneck names: Guys

A is for antique car show. It is also the start of these two very popular Redneck names Al and Austin. Other names that begin with A are Aaron, Alan, Alec, Alex, Allister, Andrew, and Anthony.

B is for bad hair day and also for Budweiser. B is also for bouncing baby redneck boy which is exactly what this list of names is designed to help you out with. Barry, Bart, Beau, Billy, Billy-Bob, Billy-Joe, Billy-Ray, Bo, Bobby, Bobby-Joe, Bodean, Braden, Bradley, Brent, Brian, Bubba, Buck, Bud and Buddy which are just beautiful names for a brand new redneck baby boy.

C is for cute kissing crows. It is also for these very cool redneck names: Carson, Casey, Cash, Chandler, Charles, Charlton, Chester, Chevy, Cheyene, Cleavon, Cletus, Cliff, Clint, Clyde, Cody, Cooper, and Coy.

D is for ducks which look absolutely yummy when they are invited to stay for dinner. D is also for Dakota, Dale, Daniel, Dave, Dean, Delmont, Doc, Don, Donny, Drake, Duane, Duke, Dustin, and Dwayne which are all absolutely acceptable redneck names.

E is eggs which taste mighty darn fine first thing in the morning. Just ask Earl, Earnest, Eli, Elrod, Elroy, Ethan, Eugene, Evan, Everett, and Ezra definitely names for good old country boys.

F is for family which to a redneck is one of the most important things in the world. Rednecks are strongly loyal to their loved ones. Nobody messes with a the kin of a true blooded Redneck. F is also for Felix, Ferris, Flynn, Floyd, Ford, Forrest, Frank, Fraser, Frederic, and Fritz which just happen to be absolutely fabulous redneck names.

G is for gosh sakes Garth get the goose. It will taste much better than road kill for supper. Oh and G is also for George which like Garth is a gosh awfully great Redneck name. Other popular ones are Garrett, Gavyn, Geoff, George, Glen, Graham, Grant, Gregory, and Grover.

H is for home sweet home which is the finest place on Earth to be...and the spot where many a good backyard party occurs. H is also for hearty redneck names like Hal, Harley, Homer, Horace, and Houston.

J is for juice which tastes almost as good as a Bud, almost but just not quite though. J is for Jackson, Jed, Jefferson, Jerry, Jim, Jim bob, Jimmy, Joe, John, Johnny, Junior which are some might darn fine redneck names.

L is for true redneck love. Rednecks are strongly loyal to their family and when they fall in love they treat that precious commodity like a stockbroker treats shares of gold. There is nothing and no one more loyal to those that he cares about than a Redneck. Of course L is also for the names Larry, Lee, Leroy, Lonnie, Luther, and Lyle.

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M is for mosquitoes which are about the most gosh awful darn insect that was ever placed on this land. (I Hate the little buggers). M is also the starting letter for a few marvelous male redneck names like Mack, Mathew, Mark, Mason, Marshal, Michael, Mike, Micah, and Mitch.

N is for "Nice fishing boys. That is some mighty fine catch that ya got yer'selves." N is also for Nathan and Nick which are nice redneck names.

O is for the orange alley cat which lives in the back lane behind our house, and O is also for Otis, who also happens to live in the back lane. We haven't quite figured out why he is there yet. Other O names are Ogden, Olly, Omar, Oren, Oscar, and Oswald.

P is for homemade pie and there aren't too many finer things in life except maybe the name Paden, Pat, Pervis, Pete, and Presley which are kind of rednecky names for a guy don't ya think? P is also for pinching myself to make sure that I am awake because that last sentence sounded rather peculiar.

R is for ride at the fair which is about as much fun as target shooting with the Rustad boys. Who by the way all have names which begin with R and which are rocking redneck names. Raleigh, Randy, Ray, Reed, Ricky, Robbie, Rocky, Roscoe, Rowan, Roy, and Rufus.

S is for sisters and isn't that just about the sweetest sight that you have ever seen. Nothing is finer than family. S is also for these slippery slithery redneck names which begin with the letter S. Saggaroy, Sherman, Shane, Sam, Seth, Skeeter, Spencer, Stan, and Steven.

T is for tractor. T is also for these very terrific redneck names Tiberieus, Timmothy, Tobias, Tommy, Tommy Lee, Trent, Trigger, Truman, and Tyler.

V is for vegetables which are very important for your body. They are loaded with antioxidants and will actually help to keep you from developing arthritis, going gray, and all kinds of other awful stuff that happens as you age. So eat your veggies. V is also for that wonderful redneck name Vinton which shrinks up into Vinnie.

Not one damn U name in the redneck category. Nor are there any under the letter X so don't be looking for one or you'll be disappointed.

W is for wine, women, and whiskey which are all mighty fine words. When you think of redneck names that start with a W there is Wayne, Wade, Wilbur, Wiley, Will, William, Winchester, Woody, Wyatt.

Z is for zero, zilch, and zip which is just about the amount of money that is sitting in my bank account at this exact moment. Where rednecks are concerned Zac, Zain, and Zachary would seem to be about it.

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