Virtually everyone collects something. It is a hobby that can occur innocently enough or one that we delve happily into with our wallets in hand. Coins, art, toys, sports memorabilia, antiques, jewelry, or books, there are thousands of collectible items to steal away our hearts. This article index list is themed for us.

Phillumenist Collecting Match Books: It is a very easy hobby to get into it. Match boxes and strikers are all around us. Tucked in drawers at home and available to us at local businesses and stores. There is a lot of history to be found on the a match books cover, advertising for businesses is quite common but there is also promotion and information for events such as weddings or elections. Phillumeny can be a very interesting hobby to get into.

Collections to Clutter: Collecting is exciting so it can be very easy for our hobby to get out of hand. It is definitely difficult to resist purchasing a rare find or one that suddenly appears with a price just too low to pass by. It is though when you discover that you no longer know what you have stored that you have to begin to wonder if it is time to reduce the amount of collectibles you own. Have the items you so loved become nothing more than basement clutter?

When the heart of the country is calling...

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