This is the stuff that nightmares are made of and the sad fact of the matter is that this stuff is real. There are quite a few things we run into that we really wish we didn't have to. Play safe out there folks.

Hair Loss: Can Biotin by Used to Prevent Balding? It is an issue faced by many; thinning, balding, or greying hair. Previously there really wasn't much to be done unless you wanted to spray color the top of your head, wear a wig, or undergo painful hair implants. Well new hope is on the horizon. It turns out that vitamin B7 (otherwise known as Biotin) may offer hope for those with hair loss issues.

Surviving a Nuclear Disaster Radiation Fallout: There are things that you can do to prepare for any disaster that may come your way. A nuclear disaster is no different. Advance planning can help increase your chances of surviving. Know what to do to prepare in advance, how to handle the initial blast, and how to survive the upcoming weeks to follow.

Cabin Fever Symptoms: Usually associated with those who live in an isolated country situation this mental health issue can occur anytime we feel alienated or isolated from those around us. Characterized by mood changes that can fall into the extreme, loneliness, edginess, fear or distrust of others, and frequent mood swings can be an indication that you may be suffering from this condition.

The Most Dangerous Virus: Bugs, bacteria, germs, and virus are out there waiting for you to stumble onto them. Parasitic? You can bet on it, they are all too content to jump on and thrive within your body. This list is comprised of the virus that you should be most worried about acquiring. They are the cause of some of the most dangerous illnesses in the world.

When the heart of the country is calling...

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