Redneck Pet Names

Redneck Female Dog Names: Angel, Bambi, Baylee, Beauty, Bella, Brandy, Calamity, Cameo, Candy, Cherry, Clover, Dakota, Daisy, Dasher, Derby, Duchess, Earlene, Eliza, Elly-May, Faylene, Fefe, Giblet, Ginger, Gypsy, Hera, Lady, Missy, Misses, Misty, Patches, Princess, Queeny, Raven, Shasta, Sheba, Star, Sugar, Sunshine.

Redneck Male Dog Names: Barney, Beans, Beau, Bingo, Blackjack, Blacky, Blaze, Booger, Boomer, Bouncer, Bounder, Buck, Bud, Buddy, Bully, Bodean, Bugger, Carlton, Chance, Chevy, Cleatus, Cocoa, Cooper, Cougar, Cutter, Dash, Dammit, Digger, Doc, Dragon, Duke, Dusty, Einstein, Elton, Elvis, Floyd, Forrest, Gator, Gilligan, Halfpint, Hercules, Hero, Hickory, Homer, Harley, Harry, Hunter, Joe, Killer, King, Lucky, Luther, Mutt, Prince, Rufus, Rusty, Ralph, Rover, Sir, Star, Tiny, Trigger, Whisky, Whiskers, Widowmaker, Wiley, Willy, Yeller, and Yowler.

Redneck Female Cat Names: Baby, Blondie, Blossom, Bluebell, Bonnie, Boots, Bubbles, Bunny, Butterscotch, Cameo, Caramel, Cat, Catalina, Cougar, Cuddles, Cinnamon, Clover, Delilah, Diamond, Fatcat, Fluff, Furball, Ginger, Gypsy, Hera, Kitty, Midnight, Missy, Misty, Moonshine, Puff, Saffron, Shadow, Snowball, and Sugar. 

Redneck Male Cat Names: Bacardi, Bailey, Banshee, Barthalamew, Beastie, Ben, Bingo, Blizzard, Bobtail, Bogey, Bopper, Boots, Boris, Bouncer, Blackjack, Bubba, Brutus, Butch, Capone, Charcoal, Cleatus, Coco, Crackers, Creeper, Dammit, Fatcat, Joe, Hunter, Killer, Lucky, Midnight, Moonshine, Mouser, Patches, Shadow, Sheldon Cooper, Tiger, Tigger, Taz, Whiskers, Wiley, Willy, and Zipper.

Redneck Crow Names: Betty, Echo, Einstein, Elijah, Flicker, Frank, Jacob, Midnight, Mistro, Rachel, Raven, Wizard. 

Redneck Rodent Names: Frank, Fritz, Ralph, Squeaker, The Financial Adviser, Sam, Wanda, and Weasel. 

Redneck Horse Names: Austin, Beauty, Betsy, Dancer, Derby, Diamond, Dragon, Ebony, Glue-Factory, Lightening, Midnight, Old Faithful, Star, and Trigger.

Got Some Critter in the Garden You Don't Want There?
It is pretty easy for us to get along with the flying hopping slithering creatures who we share this planet with if we show respect for them and their way of life. We have a lot to benefit from one another if we learn to get along.

My husband and I have been able to go organic by having the birds, bees, good insects and friendly little ladybugs help us out. Somehow this natural method of gardening manages to keep things under control. The only bug we have to work diligently to remove are the wasps. It is important to protect our pollinators and one way that we can do this is by keeping wasp populations under control.

So while we are on the topic of bees and wasps, can you tell the difference between them? Wasps and honey bees can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between so you may have to look close. 

The key is that bees are furry and wasps are not. The top section of the honey bee will be fuzzy. Wasps are also meat eaters and can be quite aggressive late in the year as their nest fills. We need bees to keep our fruit and berry crops healthy and producing. It's worth knowing the difference between the two. Another little bit of bee trivia is that one of their first spring foods is the dandelion flower so please don't use poisons on it as you will also likely be poisoning our pollinators as well. 

Appreciate when either small or large birds visit your neighborhood as they both happily consume a heck of a lot of insects and bugs. When our winged buddies visit us more than a few creepy crawlies leave with them when they fly off home.

My husband and I leave our cherry trees extra high so the Blue Jays and Crows have the top of the tree as their reward for helping out and we pick the lower section for our use. There is plenty for both of us to enjoy and our mutual respect for each other insures that our other fruit trees have a healthy bountiful crop. This picture is of one branch of our cherry tree last year. Pretty impressive indeed.

If some of our wild animal friends are annoying the heck out of you. Keep your sense of humor about you and work at humane ways to outwit or outsmart those critters that you don't want in your yard or garden area. Use your imagination, creativity, and supposedly superior mind power as well as a few wildlife friendly tactics to outsmart your visitors.

Got Somebody Dashing Around Underground?
Spay or Neuter your pets to help keep populations in check. By doing so you help to insure that every animal has a chance to be adopted into a home where they will be appreciated.