Redneck Names: It is Definitely a Country Thing

A rather amusing bit of trivia concerning Redneck names is that most of them will sound just as good on the pet as they do on the owner. 

Names like Duke, Daisy, Rufus, Angel, Dakota, and Misty can be applied to both man and beast alike. Yep, it is something that a Redneck would just naturally think of doing.

Rednecks have traditionally come from deep country roots so even if you drag a redneck out of the country and plunk him down into a penthouse high rise apartment you can't expect his personality to change all that much.

A redneck is still going to maintain the strong country attitude, beliefs, and traditions that he was raised with no matter where he winds up living. This shows up in everything that a redneck will say or do. This factor shows in the names given to a pet, new baby, or nickname for a friend.

You may notice that many of the typical Redneck names are actually those of favorite alcoholic beverages such as Brandy, Bud, Sherry, and Champagne. No pun intended. I'm ju…

How Much of Our Brain do we Use?

No one is sure where the idea that people only use 10 percent of their brain originated but it is a proven myth and definitely not true. The neurotransmitters in your mind are constantly sending out messages throughout its network even while you are in a resting state.

The brain is a complex system designed with every area to have a usage and although not all areas are always working at the same time or perhaps even to their maximum performance, it is believed that most of the brain is constantly at work to keep you functioning in peak operating condition.
It would take too much energy for your brain to function in all areas at one time so although your brain is constantly at work it conserves energy by having neurons fire at different times throughout different areas of the brain. This process occurs even while you sleep, in fact there is a lot of activity going on while you are sleeping. Seeing Uncle Henry slumped over and sleeping in the old easy chair it can be difficult to imagine t…

Frugal Gardening: How to Save Money in the Garden

Frugal folks know that a garden is a great way to save money on groceries but there are also quite a few ways to cut down on the basic costs of gardening. There are a number of cost efficient ways to cultivate and grow your own food. 

Composting, saving your seeds, selling at Farmer's markets, and trading sprigs or plants with others are a few simple ways to cut spending and increase your garden's financial rewards. A little ingenuity can help lower even the most basic expenditures.

Growing your own fruits, herbs, and vegetables is one of the best ways to cut back on the ever rising cost of food. Small garden space or large growing your own food does not take a lot of money or space to get started and even less investment to maintain the longer that you participate. 

One of the first costs in gardening is acquiring nutrient rich soil. Many spend a fair share of money purchasing dirt, manure, and fertilizers to enrich and maintain their garden plot. Past the initial installation o…

Most Dangerous Virus

In the past there have been a handful of deadly viruses sweep across the world killing millions in their path. Is it possible that one of these old threats could mutate and in todays global world spread around the globe once again or is the world’s most dangerous virus one that is yet to emerge?

Statistically speaking the Influenza virus has killed more people globally than any other virus. The 1918 Spanish flu outbreak affected 20 to 40 percent of the world’s population and in the two years that it was active it killed almost 50 million people worldwide.
In 1945 the discovery of a vaccine averted pandemics like the Spanish Flu virus outbreak from once again occurring. Yet the influenza virus continues to kill thousands of people each year. The influenza or flu virus could currently be considered the most dangerous virus in the world. It has the ability to mutate and to spread around the world to create a pandemic form of illness that people currently have no resistance to. There were v…

Phillumenist: Collecting Match Books

If you are considering becoming a member of a very elite group of individuals known as Phillumenists then you will become one of many who participate in the hobby of collecting matchbook covers, boxes, holders, folders, or strikers. 

If you are a collector of match products there is a lot of history lying about in those old covers and containers. Match boxes have long been a means of advertising and promoting a business, community, event, people, ideas, and ideals.The cover of match packets discuss serious issues as well as comical ones and boldly display a lot of history on their weathered covers.

Phillumeny is a unique hobby that is quite easy to enter into because finding items to collect is easy. Most people have a number of old matchbooks lying in drawers, boxes, camping or fishing kits, or the glove box of their vehicle. Everyone has them somewhere in their home and many of these have been there since you were a kid. You just have to discover where they are hiding and then gather …

Hair Loss: Can Biotin be Used to Prevent Balding?

Biotin, Vitamin H, and Vitamin B7 are all one and the same and your body requires you to ingest this essential vitamin on a daily basis. Most of us receive an adequate amount from our diet but there are always a few folks out there who are lacking in their complete nutritional needs.

Biotin is found in a wide assortment of common foods some of which are generally consumed on a daily basis so it is not often that issues arise concerning this vitamin. It is a water soluble vitamin and can be found in egg yolks, fish, legumes, yeast, nuts, liver, milk, poultry, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, grain, cereal, and most bread products. Peanuts, almonds, and walnuts are nuts rich in biotin. 

A deficiency is rare but symptoms to be aware of are: fatigue, muscle pain, low appetite, depression, hair loss, brittle nails, brittle hair, poor skin color, intestinal tract issues, or nervous system problems. Take note of the mentioned hair loss because studies now show that biotin may be useful in bring…

Surviving Nuclear Disaster Radiation Fallout

Being prepared for an emergency situation is the best way to minimize the effect that you and your family will suffer from one. It is important to be prepared for any situation in which harm may come your way.Recently it is radiation exposure that is in the news. 

People want to know how to survive should a nuclear disaster strike in their direction. The threat of nuclear war and the recent Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant crisis in Japan have brought about a renewed desire to know the preventative measures, symptoms, and treatments should this type of disaster occur.

Radiation travels. Even if you are not in the immediate area where the event occurs you may still be at risk of exposure. In the event of a fallout there are steps that you can take to help protect yourself and your family from radiation poisoning. Keep a well stocked emergency kit handy and know what to do should an emergency occur.

There are Two Basic Forms of Radiation Exposure

1. Initial radiation: Occurs immediatel…