Hair Loss: Can Biotin be Used to Prevent Balding?

Biotin, Vitamin H, and Vitamin B7 are all one and the same and your body requires you to ingest this essential vitamin on a daily basis. Most of us receive an adequate amount from our diet but there are always a few folks out there who are lacking in their complete nutritional needs.

Biotin is found in a wide assortment of common foods some of which are generally consumed on a daily basis so it is not often that issues arise concerning this vitamin. It is a water soluble vitamin and can be found in egg yolks, fish, legumes, yeast, nuts, liver, milk, poultry, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, grain, cereal, and most bread products. Peanuts, almonds, and walnuts are nuts rich in biotin. 

A deficiency is rare but symptoms to be aware of are: fatigue, muscle pain, low appetite, depression, hair loss, brittle nails, brittle hair, poor skin color, intestinal tract issues, or nervous system problems. Take note of the mentioned hair loss because studies now show that biotin may be useful in bringing back some of that lost hair.

Although Biotin is not a vitamin that many people need to keep tabs on it is very important for your body and can cause some very real health problems if you are lacking in it. Biotin plays an important role in the basic metabolic processes within the body. It aides in the metabolizing of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates as well as aiding in the processing of glucose.

Biotin has many important functions and helps the body convert the foods you eat into efficient energy stores. It also helps to maintain muscle tissue, bone marrow, and nervous system tissue health. Biotin also helps to reduce blood sugar levels and to aide in the regulation of high cholesterol levels.

Biotin is a key factor in the overall health of hair, nails and skin which is why these supplements are often used to help treat balding, greying hair, thin or brittle nails, and some skin disorders. It is also used as an aide in weight loss and can help individuals with diabetes to regulate their blood sugar level.

Visible signs that you may not be receiving an adequate amount of Biotin are fatigue, muscle pain, low appetite, depression, poor skin color, brittle nails or brittle hair, hair loss, or intestinal tract or nervous system problems. It is an important vitamin for overall health and well being.

B7 deficiency as a cause of thinning hair or baldness? One of the symptoms of Biotin deficiency is indeed hair loss. It is a key vitamin in the health of your skin, nails, and hair. A deficiency can cause hair loss, brittle or thinning hair, as well as premature greying of the hair. This has lead researchers to look into Biotin supplements, creams, and shampoos as treatments for these conditions. It seems that there is some proof that biotin may aide in these areas.

The data I have found indicates that the best treatment for hair loss, thinning, baldness, or greying is to use a combination of oral zinc and biotin supplements combined with a corticosteroid specific cream applied to the head. 

Our diet is generally rich in Biotin but it is an element that is excreted in urine so must be ingested daily to meet our nutritional requirements for it. Fortunately this nutrient is in many of the everyday foods that we consume. Because we generally consume enough Biotin (Vitamin B7) rich foods in our basic diet it really isn't a Vitamin that we often find ourselves concerned about and most people won't have to worry if they are getting enough from their daily diet as deficiencies are very rare.

Those individuals who may find themselves at higher risk of vitamin B7 deficiency are those rare individuals who consume large amounts of raw egg whites, those who use certain anti-seizure or antibiotic medications for extended periods of time, or those individuals who may have pre-existing intestinal problems. Vitamin B7 is water soluble and travels through the bloodstream. It is largely absorbed within the small intestine so pre-existing intestinal problems can also affect its absorption.

Consuming raw egg whites prevents biotin from being absorbed and can cause a biotin deficiency. Always cook your eggs fully before consuming them.Other factors which may influence a biotin deficiency are genetic predisposition, alcoholism, cigarette smoking, pregnancy, and intestinal problems. The elderly, kidney dialysis patients, and very athletic individuals may also be at higher risk of suffering from a biotin deficiency. 

Biotin - Vitamin H - Vitamin B7 whichever name that you choose to refer to it as, is not an item that people usually think about when they are adding supplements into their diet. In fact it is a vitamin that a great many people have probably never even heard of. Biotin is a member of the family of B-vitamins and it is very important to our health but fortunately it is found in many of the foods that we consume each day so it is not a supplement of any great concern to the majority of us. 

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