Redneck Names for a Girl

Country folks often select a very distinctive style of name for their little ones. 

Simple, meaningful, spiritual, or simply sweet these little girl names are reminiscent of the rural area they are born into. Blossoms, famous people, and savoury treats are just a few of the thoughts that went into these names.

A is for apples growing out back in the old apple tree, but it is also for Amalene, Amber, Angel, Angelina, Annabelle, Annie, Audrey, and August which are all mighty pretty little Redneck girl names.

B is for brand new floor but it is also for Bailie, Bambi, Baylee, Bayley, Becky, Belle, Betty-Jo, Betty-Lou, Betty-Sue, Billie, Billie-Jean, Bobbie, Bobbie-Jo, Bobbie-Sue, Brandy, Breanna, Britney, and Buffy. Brandy is one fine drink and it is quite easy to see how the name Bambi fits into the rural lifestyle.

C is for cute kissing crows but it is also for Candy, Casey, Chardonnay, Charity, Chastity, Cherry, Cheyenne, Claudine, Claudette, Crystal, and Cyndi. Hmmm? More alcohol and a few more food items.

D is for the dang dog that gits into everything and it is also for Daisy, Dakota, Dawn, Debbie, Delilah, Dahlia, Desiree, Destiny, Diana, Diamond, Donna. (Did you happen to notice that in this batch of redneck names we get flowers and jewels?)

E is for eggs which ma feeds to pa each morning. It is also for earwigs but pa took care of those pesky little critters last week. Of course it could also be for Earlene, Emma, Ernishia, and Eva
F is for family which is just oh so important to a true Redneck. They will defend their kids and kin with their life. Nobody messes with family or they are treading on sacred ground. F is also for Fanny, Faelyn, Faylene, Fayth, Farrah, Felicity, Fiona, Flora, Florence, Fortune, Francis, Francine, Freda, and Freya.

G is for goofy old geese. G is also the first letter of the names of these very fine Redneck ladies: Georgette, Georgina, Georgey, Grace, Gracey, Gracelyne, Gretta, and Gretchen.

H is for home sweet home that oh so special place where rednecks go to relax, and be around family, and friends. H is also for Harmony, Hattie, Hilda, and Honey which are fabulous redneck names.

J is for juice, and jam, but it can also be for January, Jasmine, Jaylynne, Jazlynne, Jessie, Jizzelle, Jo, Jozelle, and June. Jessie and Jo are unisex redneck names. ( Just in case you want to really confuse a set of twins by giving them the same name.)

K is for knitting which is a craft that many rednecks do. It is also for Kandy, Kaylynne, and Krystal. Kandy and Krystal could also be candy and crystal misspelled. Rather curious situation don't you think?

L is for true redneck love. Rednecks are strongly loyal to their family, and when they fall in love, they treat that precious commodity like a stock broker treats shares of gold. Some very special redneck ladies are named Larlene, Layla, LeeAnne, Lexus, Lilah, Lindasue, London, Laurabelle, Lauralee, Lindalee, and Lynne.

M is for Money. MONEY!! Oh how a redneck does love his little pile of cold hard cash. M is also the start of these magnificent redneck names: Maddison, Maddie, Mandi, MarthaMae, MaryBeth, MaryElizabeth, MaryEllen, MaryJo, MaryLou, Melody, Mercadies, and Misty.

N is for naptime, that oh so important hour after supper when everyone else watches television, and pa falls asleep on the couch. N is also for Nancy, Nayomi, Natalie, Natasha, Norma, and Nyla.

O is for big orange alley cat but it is also for Ophellia. I think she was some type of goddess or something like that? Odelia, Ohanna, Olivia, Olive, Olga, Opal, Oprah, Oriel, and Orrella

P is for ma's homemade lemon pie. P is also for Paris, Patti, Peggy, PeggySue, Porsha, Prestine. Isn't Porsha some kind of fancy car?

R is for rings. The lasting symbol of love, marriage, and family. The very basis of a redneck lifestyle. R is also for Rachel, Raquel, Raylene, Rhianna, Ronda, Rose, Roxy, and Ruby. Ruby is the ideal redneck name. Jewels are popular rednecks names.

S is for spinach - Way to go Popeye! 

S is also for Sam, Sandi, Sandra, Saphire, Savanah, September, Shannah, Shaniah, Shayna, Sheena, Sherry, Shirlene, Sienna, Sierra, Stasha, SueEllen, Summer, Sunny. More alcoholic beverages in this batch, more jewels, and summer also seems to be a popular theme in redneck lady names which begin with S.

T is for tree (which when chopped down turns into firewood) but T is also for Tabitha, Tammy, Tasha, Tiarra, Tiffany, Trixie, Tyler. Ha, Tiffany and Tiarra are a couple of rather rich sounding redneck names.

V is for a view that will take your breath away. It is also for Vanity, Velma, Vicky, Vienna, and Violet.

W is for waves on the water. When it comes to redneck names for girls then Wanda, Willa, Wilma, Winter, and Wynonna would be them. Winter really would be a rather cool redneck name don't you think?

Z is for Zelda.  If you happen to be expecting a wee little redneck bundle of joy that is going to be wrapped in a pretty pink blanket then one of these mighty fine names for a baby girl just may be what you are looking for.

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