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Most Dangerous Virus

In the past there have been a handful of deadly viruses sweep across the world killing millions in their path. Is it possible that one of these old threats could mutate and in todays global world spread around the globe once again or is the world’s most dangerous virus one that is yet to emerge?

Statistically speaking the Influenza virus has killed more people globally than any other virus. The 1918 Spanish flu outbreak affected 20 to 40 percent of the world’s population and in the two years that it was active it killed almost 50 million people worldwide.
In 1945 the discovery of a vaccine averted pandemics like the Spanish Flu virus outbreak from once again occurring. Yet the influenza virus continues to kill thousands of people each year. The influenza or flu virus could currently be considered the most dangerous virus in the world. It has the ability to mutate and to spread around the world to create a pandemic form of illness that people currently have no resistance to. There were v…