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How Much of Our Brain do we Use?

No one is sure where the idea that people only use 10 percent of their brain originated but it is a proven myth and definitely not true. The neurotransmitters in your mind are constantly sending out messages throughout its network even while you are in a resting state.

The brain is a complex system designed with every area to have a usage and although not all areas are always working at the same time or perhaps even to their maximum performance, it is believed that most of the brain is constantly at work to keep you functioning in peak operating condition.
It would take too much energy for your brain to function in all areas at one time so although your brain is constantly at work it conserves energy by having neurons fire at different times throughout different areas of the brain. This process occurs even while you sleep, in fact there is a lot of activity going on while you are sleeping. Seeing Uncle Henry slumped over and sleeping in the old easy chair it can be difficult to imagine t…