Redneck Party Ideas

Rednecks are a very special breed of individual and their party themes reflect their unique personalty. Strongly loyal to their friends, family, and those who are loyal to them these traditionally country based folk love a good get together. They generally group together in back yards but it is not unusual to see the whole lot of them at the local dance hall. They cut loose, dance almost every dance, and huddle in groups to discuss the latest topics with those who are closest to them. Rednecks are folks who love to host a good party as much as they enjoy attending one.

So why are there so many Redneck parties? Well that is a easy question to answer. Whether you live in the country or have relocated to the city every now and then you still gotta let your country side out to play. So you call up a few friends and you get together to enjoy one another's company. It actually tends to happen quite often and these frequent get-togethers give these simple rural minded folks the perfect opportunity to hash out the day’s events, brag about their latest acquisitions, as well as an opportunity to catch up on the latest news floating around town. Not to focus on the fact that these parties are also a pretty good opportunity to get a little help with the old clunker, down a few buds, and hoot it up with a bit of your favorite music.

If You Catch it We'll Cook it Party Theme:
Call it a hunter's catch party, a roadkill party, or an after the big fishing trip roundup, but this Redneck theme party is exactly what it's name implies. If you caught it - we'll cook it. Guests are invited to bring along any food that has somehow managed to unwittingly fall into their hands. This includes fish, deer, moose, squirrel, gopher, and any other type of road kill that you have managed to drag off to the side of the road. If what you hit was large and you cannot attend the party because you are spending the evening at your local hospital, don't worry, we'll understand.

In Some States it is Legal For You to Nab Roadkill for Supper If it ain't squashed too bad then it really is a crime to let good meat go to waste. Pick out the pebbles and prepare to dine on some good old country style roadkill. Redneck's know that it would be a shame to let good food go to waste. Just be sure to check your area's roadkill regulations first or you could wind with a hefty fine. But most states and provinces do actually have roadkill regulations that you have to follow and it is very important to check out the government rules for your neck of the woods cause it really is a gosh awful thing to go down on a meat rap. For those who live in Montana though there is some good news as the local government has seen fit to make grabbing a free meal on the road a little bit easier. They have loosened their roadkill restrictions. Enjoy.

Where I live in western Canada we actually have an urban deer problem. Too many deer have decided to make their home in our town. I don't mind but folks walking their dogs do. Turns out that deer view dogs as a predator and treat them accordingly. In my town the city dwelling whitetails are known as urban deer because they saunter right in to nip on your flowers and nap on your lawn. Some folks refer to them as take out food because the deer aren't afraid to come trotting right up to your front door.

Just Have Plenty of Food and Drink Cause at Your Event Because That is What Matters Most. No matter what the theme of the your party insure that there is going to be plenty of food and drink for everyone. This is part of the backwoods country attitude that Rednecks have inherited from their ancestors. You never want a friend or relative to go hungry so you pull out enough food to insure that they go home satisfied.

Country folks know that some people are just too proud to ask for something essential when they need it so they make sure that they don't ever have to. Country folks take care of each other. Hamburgers, hotdogs, potatoes, and boiled corn are standard summertime fare for outdoor activities. A nice juicy deer, beef or moose steak also tends to cross the barbecue on a fairly regular basis too.

A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Theme Keg Party:
Yep, these type of folk are known to tip back one or two on a special occasion. A Redneck keg party is pretty easy to envision. Someone contributes a keg to be opened on the day of the event. Everyone else gathers into the contributors backyard to consume it. There is usually plenty of food, music, and more than a few people staying over for the night. It is a pretty simple concept behind this type of party.
Want to class things up a bit you can have a redneck wine tasting party. The rules of this party are pretty darn simple. Bring along your finest screw top, boxed, or home made wine, and your tent (Cause you just know that somebody is gonna be incapable of walking by the end of the evening.) Pull out the dixie cups and it is time to sample the sweet fruit of the vine. Usually by the end of the evening there will be some kind of a sing-a-long going on. There will be a guitar or two, and a few folks playing the spoons and of course Uncle Bo stumbling around trying to find his way to the tent.

A redneck lifestyle is deeply steeped in tradition and old country principles. Getting out and away from it all is often the way that they relax. So pack up the family and head on off for a little backwoods picnic. Whether you are having a private party for two (Like my niece and her husband are enjoying in this picture) or inviting over a whole crew to jump in and cool off this tarp in the bed of the old pick-up truck is the perfect pool for your party. You can set this swimming pool up any place, or any time, and without it costing you an arm and a leg to pay for. Just back up the old Chevy (or Ford), pop in your best tarp, and hook up the old garden hose. Then grab a case of Bud and jump in.

Party Tip: Recycling Does Make Sense and it Makes Cents too. To keep things a little neater and to get yourself a little extra spending cash strategically place large garbage cans throughout your party area for people to deposit their used beer cans into. Label the bins with a big "BEER CANS" to avoid any possible confusion because you sure don't want to have to be sorting through it all when you go to cash in the bottles and cans. The next day you can easily load the bins onto your pickup truck and head over to the local recycling depot to cash in your booty.

A Backyard Barbecue Redneck Style? What is not to love about an open bonfire but every now and then a barbecue is just as nice an idea. Usually held in the backyard the relatives and close friends can gather to sip ice cold beer and discuss the local going ons in town. It's a fantastic opportunity to tinker a bit with each others clunkers as well, after all two heads are better than one when it comes to figuring something out. 

There should never be a chance that anyone is going to go home hungry. Barbecue food usually consists of a ton of hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, baked potatoes, and fresh corn on the cob. Of course, every now and then someone drags over a really good potato salad or a watermelon to add into the feast as well. Feel free to bring along a fresh caught fish or a steak or two from your latest wild game catch to toss on the grill, these are foods that never get turned away. A true Redneck makes sure of that.

Here are a Few Redneck Games to Play at Your Event:
1. A raw egg throw. Couples stand a foot apart from each other, and when a caller yells toss, they throw the egg to their partner. After each throw each person is obligated to take a step further away from each other. Last couple with an unbroken egg win.

2. Horseshoes are always a popular redneck game. For a little variety though try replacing the horseshoes with old toilet seats instead.

3. A scavenger hunt is a great way to get rednecks into the game. Items that should be included on your list are a used car part, empty beer bottle, bottle cap, and a baseball cap. Fetch. Hey the dogs are laying there doing nothing anyway.

4. Darts. You can hang a dart board on a tree or play lawn darts, either version is great.

5. Hubcap toss. This game is sort of like your old time discus throw but make sure you have plenty of acreage if you are planning on playing this redneck game. Those hubcaps are pretty light so some of them can fly quite a long ways.

6. Rummoli (also known as Michigan rummy). This redneck game is actually played indoors and if you don't know what Rummoli is then my friend you are sadly lacking in social graces. This card game can be played using pennies but counting how little a penny is worth now we generally play with nickels. Best way to play this game is to set a time limit for the end. Folks can bow out early but the game officially ends come 10 pm. or some such other preset time

No Country Gathering is Complete Without a Half Dozen Kids and a Couple of Dogs in Attendance
Good old fashioned back yard parties are the best. Plenty of room to roam about and if you drink too much then you don't have to worry about driving home cause you are already there. If you are a guest then feel free to pitch a tent and stay awhile and of course there is always the couch to crash on as well.

Rednecks are a very close knit lot. Over the years they have learned to trust and rely on but a few individuals. They tend to hang out in a tight knit social group. It consists of their kinfolk, close personal friends, and those folks who they can rely on for their loyalty. These are the people that they confide in, take care of, and party with. Rednecks like to strum the old guitar, beat a pair of spoons on their knee, dance, roast a hot dog over an open fire, and do one heck of a lot of talking and laughing at these backyard parties. Kids and dogs are always welcome at these events as they are all part of this tight knit community.
Rednecks enjoy getting together with friends and family. They really do enjoy the companionship of their friends and family. Country minded folk just naturally seem to enjoy a good party and there is a perfectly logical reason for their rowdy lifestyle. It's in their heritage. Rednecks are known to be hard workers, but when they have the opportunity to relax they like to kick back and enjoy the company of their friends and family. The truth of the matter is that Rednecks seem to party just a wee bit more frequently than other people do and they would not change this lifestyle for any amount of money.

A true Redneck won't allow a friend or relative to be lonely during the holidays. Nor will they let a friend go home without the fixings of a good hearty meal in their belly and something strong to toast the season with glowing warmly from inside. During the holidays there is no better friend to have than a Redneck. Strongly loyal to those who are loyal to them, Rednecks just naturally tend to share the holiday season toasting, and giving thanks for all the friends which they are blessed to have. Play safe. Never let visiting friends or kinfolk drink and drive.

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