Our pets are some of the most unique personalities in our home. Loyal and loving they are there to welcome us home, comfort us on bad days, and help us celebrate our good ones. This page is dedicated to the cats, dogs, horses, mice, birds, and beasties who love us unconditionally. A huge paws up to our animal friends.

Redneck Pet Names: This pet name list is country based because Rednecks tend to maintain a country attitude. Country folk may also include an array of pets that traditional city folk don't add into their listing of furry and feathery friends. Crows with their intelligent inquisitive attitude have stolen my heart. Squirrels are another of my favorites I can watch their antics for hours.

Kricket the Cat: When I heard that she was going to be sent off to the SPCA if she wasn't adopted soon I decided to offer her a home. Her former owner insisted that she was untrainable and for awhile I seriously thought that she just might be right. Kricket definitely had her own distinct ideas on how a cat aught to be treated.