Redneck Costume Ideas for Men and Women

A redneck Halloween costume is quite easy to put together. These are simple country folk who generally dress in blue jean or camo. 

One of their most distinguishing features is their attitude so be prepared to walk the walk and talk the talk. 

The good news about a redneck costume is that you can most likely find everything you need either in your closet or that of a friend. If you can't find something there then just do a quick peek to see if there is something hanging out in the garden shed or garage. Camo and blue jean are the two most common materials in this dress with old worn out overalls being a popular choice for both men and women. 

Rednecks work hard and play even harder so their clothes see a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Where attire is concerned the more battered and stained it is the more appropriate for this costume.

You have got to have the attitude for this costume but in addition you also need the hat, it is mandatory. Baseball caps and rednecks go together like chicken and a deep fat fryer. Rednecks are always working on something outside so they need a hat.

Out fixing something in the yard or in the garden, trying to get that damn old car to run, or out hunting. Wearing a cap is just naturally an essential part of being a redneck so if you costume up as one be sure you wear the appropriate gear. Camo or other hunting designs are always a popular theme for these hats while humorous sayings and favorite name brands are also favorites. Beer and car brands are popular themes and can be accompanied by a strong sense of personal pride.

These folks are loyal to their favorite brands and conversations that involve Chevy and Ford are a touchy subject for many. There have been a quite a few bouts of fists flying in the discussions arising from which brand is best. Speaking of vehicles it is fair to say that redneck folks generally have a vehicle or two sitting in the back yard that needs a repair or beautification. It is one of the reasons why a baseball cap is standard wear for these simple country folk.

The ladies are not afraid to dunk their head under the hood of the old vehicle either and they sure don't want their pretty locks all gunky with grease and oil when they do it. When working on an old car you don't want the grease, oil, and other darn right nasty looking fluids dust and dirt getting into your hair. Which is why a redneck girl has her own distinct sense of style.

A true redneck lady proudly wears her baseball cap. Always tinkering on something these ladies are hard workers and they need a hat to keep their hair outta whatever it is that they are working on. When hunting or fishing that camo hat keeps the sun out of your eyes plus a cap looks good too so its a win-win situation.

Rednecks Have the Funny Notion That Work is Play

Redneck clothing is a fashion statement for those who work hard and are damn proud of it. Their dress is also subject to personal preference of course. If your clothes are covered in oil then you just might be a redneck.

Start with the baseball cap and work downward from there. Canvas, camo, or jean bib overalls are an ideal costume for this country folk theme. Hair? Get into a mullet. Some things may go out of style but for some reason the stereotypical redneck things like his hair-do just never will. Style it up! A mullet wig comes in a range of color choices so go on and pretty up!

When it comes to a redneck girl well you just know that she is a lady. Her appearance says it all. Nothing spells out class on a girl quite like overalls. Add a baseball cap to the attire and you just know that this is a girl that is ready for whatever comes her way.

Blue jean is a tough wearing fabric which is why it is often worn by rednecks. There are a couple reasons why camo clothing is so often associated with rednecks. Their willingness to don battle fatigues and defend their country is one of the reasons why we view this clothing style with being a Redneck.

Of course camo gear is associated with hunting gear and Rednecks have been known to hunt out a good meal or two too if the necessity arises so you can bet that this also has something to do with this costume theme as well. You can select either camo or blue jean for your costume. Jean overalls are stereotypical dress for Redneck men or women.

Camo goes with pretty much anything. If you have the shirt and a baseball cap then you are good to go. You can go country casual, army commando, or you can spruce things and style it up in a formal camo vest and tie. Add black jeans and you are set to hit the town in comfortable casual country formal wear. A little too classy for most but if you are getting married or something like that then this outfit is for you.

A costume for a redneck girl is extra special because this manner of dress can go with a number of different themes. One time you may find the redneck lady all dolled up in a mini skirt, baseball cap, and t-shirt looking as cute a six week old kitten. The next time you see that redneck girl she might be decked out looking like she has just come back from plowing the back forty.

Redneck ladies are just as comfortable decking out in the heaviest dirtiest denim overalls to have ever graced God's green Earth as they are dressing up in a right gosh darn gorgeous ballroom gown.

No matter how sweet she looks though don't ever cross her. A redneck lady can be as mean as her alter ego Clementine who is the one holding a wrench and working under the hood of old Uncle Henry's half burnt out Ford pick up truck.

Kind of confusing I know but Redneck ladies are a very special lot of women folk. These gals have learned to depend on no one and to stay loyal to those who are loyal to them. This means dressing pretty enough to attract the local men folk but also being able to work on their own vehicle or household plumbing should the need arise. She is no one to mess with.


If it is a choice between beer and dental care the brew wins. Dental care is expensive and most rednecks would rather spend the bucks on beer. Numbs the pain a wee bit if you know what I mean, medicinal purposes. So be prepared to show off your toothy redneck smile. 

Yep, their teeth can look a little worse for wear but that is what happens when you don't have a dental plan. Dentists cost big bucks and that case of beer doesn't cost nearly so much so you know where that spare ten bucks is gonna go.

Get a pair of redneck teeth. Darn cheap. Add a pair of those Halloween drooling delight plastic teeth into your costume theme and you will be the belle of the ball so to speak.

What kind of a classy dude would you be without a nice looking set of Bubba teeth? Get a multi pack and you will be styling no matter what the occasion is. It never hurts to have a spare pair of teeth in case yours go missing somewhere. Hey, stuff like that happens after a drink or two.

Fortunately the dollar store happens to sell multi packs of funky teeth around Halloween so if you head down there and pick up a pack you'll be set for at least a year or two.

If you can't seem to find any old work clothes around your house then consider visiting a relative who operates a farm, is a rancher, a mechanic, or a trucker, and see if they can lend you some of their old work clothes.

Keep in mind that it is all in the attitude that you wear. If you just happen to already be one of those hard working, hard drinking individuals that the neighborhood kids always seem to enjoying visiting then you probably are a redneck even if you haven't quite figured it out yet.

Heck you may not even have to get dressed up for Halloween cause you are probably already all costumed up for it. Just leave the tractor at home and you'll be good to go.

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