Redneck Names

If you are expecting a new baby and looking for an old fashioned country style name than this may be the spot to find it. Rednecks are generally individuals with a rural backwoods ancestry and it shows in their unique personality and traditions. For a birth name or nickname for your child, pet, or friend this is a selection designed to capture the traditional values of these rural country folk.

Redneck Names - It is a Country Thing: The names we choose for our children are often steeped in cues from our traditional family values. We may not realize how greatly they influence our choices till we take a good look at how these names originated or are traditionally used. Many redneck names use simple rural logic and are taken from items surrounding the birth location or date. Famous role models also come into play.

Redneck Names for Boys: Expecting a new baby boy to come into the family and you want him to carry an good old names ideally suiting your family's unique attitude and lifestyle? One of these just might do. Ancestry has everything to do with this list of male names. From presidents to the symbolism of mythology these titles carry a wealth of logic in their gifting.

Redneck Names for Girls: Tradition, enchantment, and simplicity have everything to do with this list of feminine titles. There is a special spirit born into each girl. Sweet and sensitive with a boost of rebel that will knock a guy right off his feet. She's assertive and fiery and not afraid to say what is on her mind yet her wisdom and beauty shine beyond her home's confines. This selection of names defines how truly valuable her arrival is.

Redneck Pet Names: Cat, dog, horse, or crow our furry and feathered friends are some of the most loyal that we can have. We show our devotion back to them by providing them a safe and loving home. They are an important member of the family so it is not surprising the care we take to select their name. For country folk those names may take just a small pinch of a rural twist to suit the home they are being brought into.