Redneck Stuff

This article index features articles comprised of redneck stuff. What the heck is that? The character of these individuals is unique. They are hard working, fun loving, and highly outspoken on topics that are dear to their heart. Rednecks have a traditional country attitude and they carry their distinctive personality traits with them where ever it is they travel. So let's take a little peek into the topics that interest a Redneck.

How to Stop Swearing: 
It is a habit that can be all too easy to fall into. Sometimes it develops with our upbringing whereas for others it comes from those who we associate with. It can limit one's social contacts and job opportunities. And no one needs their kids to be hearing that stuff. It's a nasty habit and fortunately swearing is one that can be broken.

Roadkill Recipe Cookbooks:
Yeah, every now and then you run into something on the way home and it can be kind of tough to just leave it lying there on the road. Fortunately there are some US states where it is perfectly legal to take that fine hunk of roadkill home to your freezer (check your state legislation though before you do).

Redneck Costume Ideas for Men and Women:
The sweetest part of dressing up for Halloween as a redneck is that you can generally find everything you need sitting in your garage or closet. Stained, ripped, dirty, and unironed clothing is perfectly fine. Rednecks have a tendency to work hard and it shows in the clothes they wear. Overalls and gnarly teeth suit this costume ideally.

Redneck Wedding Formal Wear, Tips, and Ideas: This country style wedding generally begins with one of 3 themes, camo, country, or casual. The true difference from a standard wedding is in the details. Redneck weddings are generally quite casual where a backyard reception, barbecue meal, or Bring or Your Own Bottle event are perfectly acceptable fare. It is also not unheard of for a Bun in the Oven to be part of the wedding as well. As stated earlier these weddings run on the casual side of things so all of these events are perfectly okay.

Thrift Store Shopping: 
I'll be the first to admit that I am a bargain hunting addict. I love thrift stores, garage sales, and clearance sales. It's not just about the money. It is the thrill of the hunt. You can find hidden antique and collectable treasures and when it comes to clothing it is remarkable the quality items hidden in those used items. Once you find an amazing bargain or two you will be hooked.

How Much of Our Brain Do We Really Use? 
Most of us have heard the rumour that people only use about 10% of their brain and judging by some folks behaviour that could appear to be fact, but in all truth it is not. Our brain is actually very active simply keeping us alive and functioning.