Redneck Wedding Tips and Formal Wear

Have a bun in the oven? A lace closure dress is ideal as it adjusts to size.
Rednecks are traditionally very loyal to family and friend so you just know that when they fall in love that they are going to tie that love knot up nice and tight. 

A redneck wedding can be one of the most fun events to host or attend. This type of celebration is generally designed as an event for family and guests to simply relax and enjoy the company of their friends.

Featuring good old country style hospitality get set for one heck of a good party. Pop on your best dancing shoes cause there is going to be plenty of good toe tapping music going on at this event.If you are planning a redneck wedding theme then let’s just go take a little peek at what's hot on the list for brides dresses, formal camo men's wear, decorations, and food.

A redneck love is very deep and loyal. These unique country folk are traditionally a family orientated group and it would seem that nothing too much has changed in their attitude toward love and kin in about a hundred of years.

Often looked down on by main stream society as being just a bit too lower class they have developed an exceptional loyalty to those who stand by them. Generally this consists of neighbors, loyal business associates, and kin folk.

The bonds in these unions are strong and especially within the matrimonial union. They are strongly loyal to those who are loyal to them and when they fall in love they fall in love pretty darn deep. Home truly is where their heart lies and creating a family home is a deep and emotional commitment.

There are three standard redneck wedding themes to choose from. These being a western theme, a camo theme, or a plain old country casual theme. We all know that these are down to earth country type folks which is why each of these wedding themes fit in so well with their personality and lifestyle.

A groom can choose to wear a camo suit or just the camo bottom or top with a plain color of the other complimenting it.For the bride, her maids, her mom, and her friends, a camo theme is also ideal. Whether your plans call for a country casual or the traditional formal ceremony there is a camo bride's dress to fit any need. Delightfully feminine, elegant, and enchanting while maintaining the fun fashion flare called for in this type of theme.
Wondering what type of venue to host the wedding at? Seems that most like to hold their reception in their own backyard or that of a family member or friend. It just makes good common sense to cut a few dollars on the location of the ceremony and party. Most parks also allow for weddings to be held there as well. Just check with your local city hall.

Which goes to prove the point that you don't have to bankrupt yourself when you are first starting off in married life. 

Rednecks don't need to have a great big $50,000. wedding to do their vows up right. Which makes finding a suitable location for a redneck wedding and reception just a little bit simpler than it is for those other fancy folks.

Rednecks have been known to tip back more than a few brews so it just makes logical sense to be at a location where you can just crawl into bed any darn time that you are good and ready to. Friends and relatives are usually invited to bring along their campers or tents so they don't have to risk drinking and driving either. Plus the money you save on the church and hall will generally be enough to pay for your Budweiser for the next year or two.

Rednecks are strongly loyal to their friends and family and they don't ever want to see anyone get wounded doing something stupid (unless they get it on video that is).

Redneck wedding cake ideas? Any country casual theme will do. 

Homemade, bakery beautiful, casual or fancy, anything Goes.

Most rednecks skip the bakery and either head on down to their local grocery store to find a cake or they bake their own. Plenty of couples are also choosing to opt for wedding cupcakes now too. That way the cupcake is already individually portioned out and you don't have to worry about a plate to put em on.

If you decide to bake your own wedding cake there are tons of redneck cake themes you can use to style it. You can pick up deer, black bear, hunting, monster truck, or camo wedding cake toppers, or go with the traditional bride and groom cake topper. It's your wedding, and your cake, so you get to choose how you decorate it.

Some rednecks decide to decorate their favorite beer cans with a bride and groom theme and pop these on the top of their wedding cake. For my wedding my sister and I managed to find a nice black forest slab cake down at our local Safeway store on clearance for an amazing 15.99. My sister said, "I'm buying it", and that was my wedding cake decision over and done with.

You decide how you want to do up your redneck wedding cake but just keep in mind that it can save you a bundle to bake your own wedding cake. Wedding cakes can get very expensive, and as I mentioned before, you can use the money saved for more important stuff, like your favorite brew.

Barbecue or buffet food is fine to serve at the reception. The real advantage with having a backyard wedding is that you can save costs on the food. You don't have to have your wedding meal catered which can save thousands of dollars.

The meal can be a major wedding day expense so you can cut costs by having a wedding day barbecue or by simply serving up a potluck feast. Most backyard weddings serve up the traditional barbecue fare of hamburgers, hotdogs, chili, baked potatoes, and potato salad. If you are thinking of going a little fancier than a pig roast or deep fried turkey would be the way to do it.

Just keep in mind that you want the wedding day to be fun, and you don't want some dang fool lighting himself on fire after he's had a few, so keep the meal as simple as possible. 

These events are the ideal opportunity to cut loose and down a few tall cold ones (which is something rednecks are pretty well known for doing anyways) the wedding just gives them an excuse to do it. It is also a great time to catch up on all the latest gossip and going ons with relatives and friends that you may not have seen for awhile. Nice huh?

There are a couple areas of the wedding party where a redneck never cut corners and alcohol is one of these. It is absolutely essential that there is plenty of booze to last the night of the wedding as well as at least half of the next day. There are usually quite a few folks who camp over so socializing may go on for a few days after the actual wedding day.
The redneck host generally supplies a keg for the wedding reception to insure that there is plenty of brew to go around. Bottled beer, whiskey, and home made wine to toast the redneck bride and groom should also be on hand.
The Chicken Dance: Polka Style
Bring your own bottle is pretty much standard fare for any redneck party so generally there are more than a few redneck family and friends who arrive with bottle in hand and this helps to insure that there is always lots to go around.

Keep plenty of refreshments on hand for the kids cause it's generally hot and they run around a lot. Make sure that you have at least a couple coolers filled with ice and bottled pop for them. The kids will just dig in whenever they need a drink and they love the idea that they get to serve themselves.

The Chicken Dance with Lyrics? Who Knew it had Those?
Music for the Reception and Dance? Music is a very vital ingredient of a redneck wedding day and it's important to have plenty of great country dance music on hand.

You can hire a band, let your talented relatives play, or have a good quality stereo booming out the tunes. Dancing is pretty much second nature to a redneck. It's a great way to let off steam and it keeps you in shape while you do it.

Do the Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Karaoke, and a few good polkas. Most people can't dance to these but they will sure as heck give it a darn good try. 

Music is as important as the refreshments. Plus half of your fool relatives have been practicing with Wii Dance so they know all the latest moves and are anxious to show them off. I repeat: Good dance music is essential.

Having a karaoke machine on hand for your wedding reception usually comes in mighty handy too. Once the guests get a couple drinks down em it's pretty much guaranteed that some fool is gonna think he can sing like Elvis. There is also usually a country lady who is just itching to sing "Redneck Woman".
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